Silence + Sound
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Silence + Sound

Lotus Oaks is excited to announce the inaugural wellness retreat Silence + Sound Wellness Day this October 27, 2019, located at Loriana.

This event brings you a collaboration of gifted healers of the Central Coast, who are dedicated to creating a one-day wellness experience that will enrich and recharge you with yoga, guided meditation, sound healing, tea ceremony, and delicious vegan food. This is an opportunity for you to withdraw the senses, calm the nervous system, and tune into the more subtle components of your being. We want you to leave the event feeling grounded before the chaos of the holiday season.             

The Seventh Chakra, Sahasrara conveys a radiance and regeneration. We will mindfully open the Crown Chakra as we connect to silence and sound that gives us space away from our digital lives. Surround yourself with nature, where less is more. Linger in the quiet landscape and enjoy the moments of solitude you’ve been longing for.


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