Photo by Taryn Dudley Photography

Photo by Taryn Dudley Photography

My Story

I created Lotus Oaks Yoga with the intention of helping others discover the light inside of themselves, and to become more connected to that light.

Yoga is building a relationship between mind, body, and breath. It is a continuous path we walk to find mental stillness, inner peace and awareness of the subtle, energetic components of life.


I was first introduced to yoga in high school and had an irregular practice for years. Like many, I found a regular yoga practice during a period of high-stress and chaos. Yoga allowed me to pause, b r e a t h e, and take care of myself. I was working in sales, and living of a life of imbalance, poor diet, and frustration. My career and lifestyle were taking a toll on my mind and body; yoga became my t h e r a p y. After finding a regular physical practice, I felt something profound shifting on a subtle level of my being and I wanted to understand more. I started to realize yoga was so much more than a physical practice.

In 2016 I quit my job, traveled through Asia for several months, and complete my 200-YTT in Goa, India.

Since then, I’ve made teaching yoga (and barre) my full-time career. I am a RYT-200, currently working toward my RYT-500. I have taught over 500 hours of yoga classes in studios and desire something d e e p e r. I found that although I do love teaching in the yoga studio environment, I crave a space that will allow me to go deeper into what your individual body, mind and soul need. I want the time to t e a c h about the philosophies of yoga and the subtle systems in our bodies, to students who seek it. I look forward to collaborating with members of the incredible yoga and wellness community we have on the Central Coast and bringing the very best experience to my clients.

I will be a f o r e v e r student of yoga and will always continue to attend workshops, trainings and read to become a better y o g i n i and teacher. I am so honored to share my knowledge, and so happy you’ve found me!